One year ago, I was working as a digital assistant for the Paris Book Fair. It was the concretization of one of my childhood dream. I was promoting literature! Something that always allowed me to escape ordinary life, to travel the world and fictional universes, to learn facts, to discover emotions and more, to become someone else during a few hours. Something for what I was truly ready to die for. As a member of the organizational team, I had some tickets to give to my family and friends to help assist during the inauguration. So, I was offered one of them to my friend who lived in Paris. He answered me “Thank you. It’s really nice but to be honest with you, I don’t love to read.” I was shocked. Probably because I grew up in a family of readers, that read me stories before going to sleep, taking me every Wednesday to the library when I was a child, not to mention books as presents for birthday and Christmas. For me, it was inconceivable that people don’t love to read. Not because I was a big reader and can’t understand how people have different interests than mine. But because as a big reader, I knew that there were so many offers in the market that it was impossible not find at least one book that you as a person will love. I answered “I read at least one hundred books per year. So to your point of view, I’m a great reader, is not it? And obviously, I love to read.”  He nods “You’re wrong. I don’t love to read. Do you know why? Because when I read an oven’s manual or medicine instructions, I don’t like it. The content doesn’t interest me at all. I don’t love reading, I like or I don’t like what I am reading and that’s a huge difference”  He was beginning to understand. I added “Often when I see you have headphones on. You listen to very music quite a lot, while I never do. You enjoy different types of music while I don’t. So, my point of view is you love music while I don’t.” Again, he agreed “But that’s wrong. I love listening piano’s music or dance on Michael Jackson’s songs. It’s all about tastes and habits.”  Lets me explain myself. I don’t have a habit of listening to music. Therefore, I don’t have big knowledge in music. I only listen while on the tubes to the radio and few singers that my parents used to put on at home when I was a child. I don’t really enjoy it, because it’s not my style. If I was taking the time to discover new music, I would probably find some that are according to my tastes and maybe I’d love them. So, the same way I don’t enjoy listening to music I’m listening, I don’t want to spend the time finding new ones, therefore, you can conclude that I don’t like music. But that’s not the case. There are too many kinds of music and styles out there to say such thing and it’s exactly the same thing with literature. We cannot say that we don’t love to read. We can only say that we don’t love what we’re reading. Even better: we would say that we love reading. And that we just haven’t found the right book yet.