Kesha Rose and the Perpetuation of Rape Culture and Misogyny

As anyone with the ability to consume media has already seen, read and/or heard; Kesha Rose also known as Ke$ha has been dealing with a very traumatizing experience. Kesha Rose took her producer and record label to court in order to free herself from working with Producer Dr. Luke after he allegedly sexually abused her. While the court case did not go as planned and she was forced to create six more albums with said producer, the result of the case did not only leave her in a vulnerable position, but it also let Dr. Luke walk away virtually unharmed. This court case brings up more than one issue.  It not only brings up the issue that is actually being addressed with the sexual assault of Kesha Rose, but it also brings up misogyny and how the public/media continues to perpetuate rape culture.

When Kesha Rose requested to not work with Dr. Luke, her label, Sony Music Entertainment, denied her request and told her it’d be a breach of her contract. By Sony denying her request, they forced her to work in an unsafe and triggering environment by placing her back with her abuser.  Putting Kesha back into these conditions without taking any action towards the perpetrator, has perpetuated rape culture because they are essentially punishing her for something that she had no control over while letting Dr. Luke off without even a warning. Kesha Rose not wanting to go back to work then brought the issue to court in an attempt to be freed from her contract because Sony had denied her request to do so. As mentioned before, the case did not go to plan because Justice Shirley Kornriech also denied Kesha freedom from her contract. The most surprising part of the Justice’s denial was the fact that she is also a woman. The second denial for Kesha’s freedom was not only appalling, but led to a large amount of backlash from Kesha fans, feminists and anyone with the ability to see how messed up the whole situation was. Many started protesting outside of Sony buildings with signs saying “Free Kesha” while social media started the trend “#FreeKeshaRose”. Fans even set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for Kesha to buy herself out of her contract. Despite all the public support for Kesha nothing was changed, the people with the ability to make a change didn’t. Other celebrities from Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga and more tweeted their support to Kesha during this traumatizing time in her life. Demi Lovato not only tweeted her support for Kesha, but spoke out her own issue that she faced with Dr. Luke. Lovato’s speaking out against Dr. Luke did not go unnoticed by fans of both stars, but of course her words were ignored by those that are “higher up”. Ignoring Lovato’s experience whilst also dismissing Kesha’s accusation of sexual assault perpetuates misogyny in today’s media industry. Belittling the words of a women in order to save your own ass is exactly how the public likes to work, especially since those who are in power are of course men.

While Kesha has a large support group now, the battle is still not over. She was offered the chance to obtain her freedom just days ago as long as she retracts her statement of being raped by Dr. Luke. Kesha refused to retract her statement, rightfully so, and still has an uphill battle ahead of her, especially now that her case has been thrown out with the judge claiming that “not every rape is a gender-motivated hate crime” ( 2016). Despite their numerous attempts to keep Kesha quiet, her refusal to do so could be the turning point when it comes to rape culture and misogyny. It’s is a struggle but with people like Kesha Rose, who are not willing to give up, everything could be changed.

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