Jim Lauderdale Live at King’s Place Review.

“Like a church choirmaster, he delivered the congregation to an unforgettable holy experience.”

On a peculiar July summer’s day, where rain and rear of sunshine come and go stood King’s Place. The art gallery/event venue was larger than life with its modern infrastructure and art displays. Situated in block building neighboring The Guardian and short walking distance from St Paneres Kings Cross, you can hardly miss the spot. And on that day, [27th of July] King’s Place was to host an unforgettable night of music, from one of Nashville’s mega songwriters, Jim Lauderdale and the all-star band Red Sky July

Previously scheduled to be a double joint headline with the “Silver Tip Toed” legend Rodney Crowell. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, Crowell had to cancel all around UK shows. The event soon became Jim Lauderdale as the main headline alongside Red Sky July as the opening act.


Mince one, the ladies of Red Sky July, took the stage

Mince one, the ladies of Red Sky July, took the stage accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a mandolin. The absence to their trio did not disappoint. Like fireworks both ladies fired up the stage, singing songs out of 4 released albums.

Charming the audience with their wit and comedic performance and soft sung melodies. Their performance was simply breathtaking. Poole and Hair, encapsulated the audience, filling them with love and warmth as their compelling harmonies and stories bring both tears and laughter to the audience’s eyes.

9:30, the King of Broken Hearts, Jim Lauderdale, took center stage, sporting a Green sparkly bedazzled trousers and Lewes very own English rose “Dandy and Rose” Western shirt.

With Coco in hand while strumming to “Seems Like You’re Gonna Take Me Back” a song that’s been covered by Soul hero Solomon Burke back in 2006 for his “Nashville” album produced by Lauderdale’s longtime friend and co writer Buddy Miller. The show soon began.

Taking a trip down memory lane with “Divide and Conquer” and reminiscing about the past when coming across both UK/US music sensations, Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe and the opportunity in working with the musicians and their bands.

Talking about the past and reminiscing, the extraordinary songwriter gazed towards the crowd and started telling the story behind the inspiration to one of his signature songs “The King of Broken Hearts” inspired by “Gram Parson: A Music Biography” written by The Coal Porters frontman Sid Griffin. The story goes, The Flying Burrito Brother, Gram Parsons once hosted a party, where he introduced a number of friends to George Jones music, (a country superstar who had numerous of hits throughout his career including, “White Lighting“, 1959 and “He Stopped Loving Her Today“, 1980) and that’s where Parson’s claimed, “This is the King of Broken Hearts” to his fellow friends.

Speaking candidly about the book and the impact of both Parsons and Jones had on his music career. Lauderdale soon embarked to a heart stopping, fan favorite performance of “The King of Broken Hearts


Later on, dedicating “London Southern” to both producers who recently passed away, Neil Broadbank, Bobby Irwin and the people of Proper Records. The Americana phenomena debuted a list of songs from his recent release, including “Don’t Get Yourself get in the Way” “Don’t Shut Me Down” (Co-written with Dan Penn) and the slow moving “If I can’t Resist” (co-written with John Oats) among others.



Released early February this year on Proper records (See previous podcast “In Conversation with Jim Lauderdale) recorded in Balham, London. Lauderdale invited audiences in, taking them through a journey of co-writing with a list of superior songwriters that included, Dan Penn, John Oats to working with Nick Lowe’s band and his production team.

After 5 long years in the making, Lauderdale can’t help but gush about how proud he was with the outcome and the excellence of the production by London based musicians/producers Bobby Irwin and Neil Broadbank. Soon after, a mesmerizing, performance of “I Love You More” took place.

Given the level of intimacy, the venue had to offer between the performer and the audience, the atmosphere was as true as magic coupled with the Lauderdale’s echoing lullaby like tone and soft strumming, the song created a spine-tingling, emotional experience. Making you fall in love more!

Courtesy of Proper Records Twitter Page
Courtesy of Proper Records Twitter Page

However, the highlight of the night was when Lauderdale decided to interact his audience to sing-along to the chorus of “Headed for the Hills” a song he had co written with Grateful Dead lyricists Robert Hunter.

Lauderdale led a spiritual like venture. Midway through the song, Lauderdale walked away from the microphone with guitar in hand, stood like a choirmaster releasing his inner James Brown and Ray Charles soul spirit. With one hand up in the air and the other behind his ear, the audiences were full enthusiasm, embracing the sing along with passion. Like a church choirmaster, he delivered the congregation to an unforgettable holy experience.

Concluding his set with “Halfway Down” leaving the audiences wanting to hear more. However, going home full of tales to tell for his extraordinary performance.


For more information about the Artists visit the links below.

Red Sky July,

Offical Website:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedSkyJuly/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedSkyJuly

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3oXTJUnPdJxYL1Uo2UcIrc

Jim Lauderdale,

Offical Website:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JimLauderdaleOfficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimlauderdale1

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0C6MCOqzlXMdX8Ij0mR6ct



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