Review: Dan Reeder “Nobody Wants to be You”

Freedom of expression is key in the world of music. This will most certainly define individuals as their own unique style, by creating the rules as they go, Dan Reeder’s new album “No one Want’s to be you” goes to show such notion.

A 5 track EP out November 10th ( a full-length album is set for 2018 release) Deemed  “Brilliant” by No Depression and  “One of the foremost outsider artists of Modern Folk today!” by Ben Greenman of The New Yorker. This marks the 4th release for Reeder on Oh Boy Records, a label that has been a home to the artist for the last 17 years. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Oh boy is founded by Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter John Prine in 1981.

Reeder an award-winning visual artist by profession with a list of work being exhibited in numerous of places including Germany, his visionary yet distinctive overlook on the world with his handmade instruments undeniably reflects on his musical work and most certainly album covers that he designs including the very recent “Nobody Wants to be You” album cover. 

The man himself, Reeder with one of his many handmade guitars.

The new EP sees Reeder yet again bringing his conceptual stylistic format into his written and rhythmic work that attracted Prine in the first place and signed him to his label whilst headlining numerous of shows together.
Ditching the paint and the brushes the self-produced record starts off with the title track “Nobody Want’s to be you” a Tom Waits crooning like voice while soft piano melody played. Plainly troublesome yet realistic, singing about a peculiar position where an explanation is most certainly needed when finding yourself with no money to pay the house rent or a car to drive while strangers are in the living room came to get what they are after to a loved one. ouch! Tracking irony in everyday life ventures and the wonders of mans thought, “Bach” the 3rd track of the EP time, travels through centuries and fixating in time where great composers such as Bach who once have roamed the world. Reeder finds himself asking, in a time of non-exiting recording equipment was Bach a singer or was he not? It’s a mystery that many are trying to know. Another turn of events, “Born a Worm” a comedic yet rather questionable track, where its every child’s wonder in how a worm turns into a butterfly, a peculiar transformation of a species from a wobbly toothpick like bug into a beautiful multicolored fly. It’s fair to say adults too are having trouble understating the species transformation.
Leaving two, “Kung Fu is my Fighting style” is a wah-wah explosion with a playful piano in the background accompanied by Reeder gravely voice marking the very first and only guitar section in 4 out of the 5 tracks.
Finally “The Pond in the Park” dives into the midst of thoughts. The cyclical tune recalls a matter of time, about a man in the park who baths in the pond and looks like Jesus. As he swiftly sings, his piano played beat by beat as he bids farewell into the night.

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Dan Reeder – Nobody wants to be you EP

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