REVIEW: Robert Plant Live at Maida Vale

Robert Plant and his band the Sensational Space Shifters were scheduled to perform as part Radio 6 to promote their upcoming album “Carry Fire” (Release date 13/10/17) at the Madia Vale studios in west London. Out of 50.000 who applied for tickets, only 200 lucky fans got the opportunity to witness the Rock N Roll phenomena. Calm before the storm, the audience walked in, positioning themselves in a comfortable spot to witness the golden god in all his full glory.

Starting off the day was none other than Lauren Laverne who interviewed Plant before hitting the stage. This time, however, the audience got a treat hearing the artist firsthand speaking about his upcoming release. As approaching the stage, cautiously pretending not to make a sound or move to interpret the fearless presenter, Plant decided to engage the audience in a bit of laugh off before coming up on stage.

Sitting in royal like posture with hair flowing back, the atmosphere was as thrilling as one can expect. The first question asked was the reason behind the album name “Carry Fire” 

“How about, life rich pageant, life that you lead.” The musician mused, “You have to really put a lot of power and force into it and passion.” “That what I do and the guys create this amazing music. We carry music and the energy and carry all together into a beautiful journey.” Ending the sentence with a witty remark, “If you believe that”

Plant newest release sees through yet again the surroundings the musician encounters on daily basis, bringing elements of north and western African grooves to British Bristolian with help of his band “The Sensational Space shifters” among a string of other influences. 

“Everybody got groove” he explained. “Carry fire” also showcased two guest performances from the daring Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders who joined Plant on Ersel Hicky “Bluebirds over the Mountain” the second musical guest was none other than British folk revivalist Seth Lakeman who added his touch of traditional to the combination, displaying the importance of string instruments such as the Viola and the fiddle in music today.

Remaining vigilant with his surroundings such tracks like, “New World” and “Carving Up the World Again” deals with current political issues such as immigration. however keeping the perfect balance “Dance with you tonight” another track from the release showcased romance with a tinge of drama.

When asked about sensitivity in writing and the process, to why not in favor of writing an autobiography, the artist said, “Why would anybody I mean can you just leave it where it was! Beautifully hidden behind 6 or 7 brain cells you still got.”

In the meantime, speaking to Laverne about the notion of building up new twits into current work from the past and moving forward. “The balance is always looking forward always taken everything you collect everything that moves you. Everything that you hear and feeds the creative aspect of music and just bring them in. it’s great. We are so fortune it and we are doing good with it we are good honest combination of people.”

And at 12 in the afternoon, taking center stage with his ferocious band, Plant stood hand on a mic stand and leather jacket observing the audience. 

Honoring past work, the setlist included Led Zeppelin classics such as “In the Light” “Misty Mountain Hop” “The Lemon Song” and “Whole Lotta Love” with his hips thrusting, mic swinging and hair flowing, Plant proved that he still is the “Golden God” of Rock N Roll music.

Bringing his admiration of traditional sounds, coming from the Scottish Highlands, Ireland and Wales later down the Appalachia along with his band they delivered a historical music lesson to the masses. during their set Seth Lakeman who took part in the making of the new album joined the band, exhibiting a new life to “Misty Mountain Hop” with his mesmerizing fiddle playing making a psychedelic classic sound so eloquent while Justin Adams, Plant’s longtime guitar player fingerpicked his way. The duet between the two sounded, as heavenly as Kahlil Gibran love letters. (Poetic!) Not to mention the rendition of “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down” a traditional gospel tune that was first recorded in 1930. Plant released the song on his 2011 all-star Band of Joy album, recorded and produced in Nashville by Buddy Miller and Plant himself.


On electric Banjo Liam “Skin” Tyson played Adams on a 52 Les Paul while Smith drummed swiftly yet intensely as Plant sang. Taking the audience into another dimension. Down the line following a congregation to a river, witnessing a life-changing moment declaring self from sin as the people sing.

Meanwhile, featuring 4 songs from his upcoming release including the self-titled single “Carry Fire” “Bones of Saints” “The May Queen” “New World.” The album saw Plant recalling recent ventures while recounting his past from his travels to work in the southern states of America. Plant yet again unafraid of experimenting with sound whilst fearlessly writing. The cross-genre album is as one can expect full of excitement. From John Baggot electrifying keyboard sounds, Justin Adams North/western African licks and Liam “Skin” Tyson tricks, Dave Smith simplistic drumming to Billy Fuller melodic bass beats, the band is a fusion of collective sounds and that’s what they exactly delivered on their set at BBC Radio 6 music week at Maida Vale.

Watch the Performance below on the BBC IPlayer

Robert Plant Interview with Lauren Laverne

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