The Miller Tells it All! Conversation with Karen Miller.


Test, Test, is this thing even on?

Hello, everyone and welcome to the Second Season of All Music Matters.

My, has it been awhile? it sure is good to be back after a long summer break!

This Month, Karen Miller is All Music Matters special guest! The host of The Miller Tells Her Tale Podcast has joined me as the first guest to appear on the Second Season of the show!

The Americana based podcast TMTHT started in 2001 playing all sorts of roots music. Led by one girl and her microphone, Miller operates her show through enthusiasm and passion along with the music she plays.

in addition to her vast knowledge and understanding of the term Americana, Miller spoke candidly on this month’s episode about a string of topics, including the recent annual AmericanaFest held in Nashville, Tennessee. The inspiration that led to her podcast “The Miller Tales her Tale”, recent favorite Americana release and finally her love for wildlife photography.

Huge Thank you to Karen for joining myself and being part of All Music Matters!

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