Greetings Earthling and welcome to All Music Matters Podcast on Richmond Free Press website.

Talking about awesomeness, we have our very own podcast! I’m Raghad your worst nightmare and host.

“All Music Matters” is a music podcast show discussing all kinds of music. Each month a 43/45 minutes track would be uploaded for all you awesome people to listen to!

This month the wonderful Schroeder agreed to come down and chat about his favorite albums, recent releases and who from musical artists are fun to friend.


The first half of the show, we talked about Green Day with their Trilogy and recent release “Revolution Radio” Later leading the discussion to Americana and Aaron Lee Tasjan stunning sparkly suit for his album cover “Sliver Tears” finishing off our conversation with “Drum roll please”…Beyoncé and her “Lemonade” Album.

If you’re wondering why there was a lot of keyboard clicking and nonstop giggles it’s because we had a lot of fun recording and wanted to provide proper realistic information to everyone who would be listening.


Do stay tuned for the next upcoming months there are a lot of surprises in store to unravel!




See you next month earthlings!

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