Richmond Fashion Society Unveils Latest Project

        Though it has only been on campus for a short time, Richmond’s Fashion Society has already made quite an impression on the student body. Last year, they successfully organized Richmond’s first ever fashion show, which raised over £300 for charity and cinched the award for Best Event of the Year at last semester’s Honours Night. Society founders/Co-Presidents Thimo Grantz and Gabrielle Hollenbeck, along with a talented team of volunteers, worked tirelessly to bring together local businesses, designers, and students. The society managed to transform the drab halls of main building into a full on high fashion experience for the eighty attendees. The show was sponsored by Richmond tea shop T2, and showcased looks from a number of budding young designers including Omniss, PointBlank.-, ArantxaPattern’s, Anna-Maria Couture Dresses, and Grantz’s own label, TG. Continue reading “Richmond Fashion Society Unveils Latest Project”

Hey, Ho, Trump Has Got to Go! Anti-Trump Protest in London

On Monday the 30th of January, a protest was held outside Downing Street against the state visit that Prime Minister Theresa May has allowed, to President Trump, despite his travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.  President Trump, throughout his campaigning, stood … Continue reading Hey, Ho, Trump Has Got to Go! Anti-Trump Protest in London