Clarification Letter: Student Government Elections Suspended After Rules Broken

The Richmond Free Press would like to address any confusion regarding the information published on the story “Student Government Elections Suspended After Rules Broken”. It has been brought to the attention of the Richmond Free Press that a decision was made between student leaders and candidates to reopen the election due to transparency issues and to honour student voice. A meeting had decided that Article 12.4 had not been broken, under the circumstances that no information was published to the public. Sources state that even though Article 12.4 was not techincally broken, it was felt that the transparency clause had been broken, which led to the decision to reopen the election. The Free Press and the … Continue reading Clarification Letter: Student Government Elections Suspended After Rules Broken

Student Government Elections Suspended After Rules Broken

Richmond’s student government elections were yesterday suspended, after it was found that the Student Government Constitution was violated.

News came after sources found that the agreed rules and conditions of the election were broken by Student Government Executive Board Officers. Continue reading “Student Government Elections Suspended After Rules Broken”

Richmond Fashion Society Unveils Latest Project

        Though it has only been on campus for a short time, Richmond’s Fashion Society has already made quite an impression on the student body. Last year, they successfully organized Richmond’s first ever fashion show, which raised over £300 for charity and cinched the award for Best Event of the Year at last semester’s Honours Night. Society founders/Co-Presidents Thimo Grantz and Gabrielle Hollenbeck, along with a talented team of volunteers, worked tirelessly to bring together local businesses, designers, and students. The society managed to transform the drab halls of main building into a full on high fashion experience for the eighty attendees. The show was sponsored by Richmond tea shop T2, and showcased looks from a number of budding young designers including Omniss, PointBlank.-, ArantxaPattern’s, Anna-Maria Couture Dresses, and Grantz’s own label, TG. Continue reading “Richmond Fashion Society Unveils Latest Project”