Valentine’s Day

So it’s that time of year again, when the couples are all loved up and the rest of us sit on the sidelines and wait. Luckily for us the chocolate and candies go on sale the next day. Valentine’s Day is a day that many of us have come to either love or hate, whether it be due to a bad memory or a just because we’re tired of being single. Fortunately for us, there are loads of fun things to do so that we don’t have to live vicariously through our taken friends.

There are numerous events in and around London, one even being hosted by the school, to keep in mind next year when planning. The Student Government held a Valentine’s Day Stop Light Party on Friday the 12th of February at Café De Paris. Advanced tickets were on sale for £10 while it’s £20 at the door. Once you have paid, students were given a colored wristband to show their relationship status; green is single, yellow is complicated, and red is taken. This was a clever idea and could be a great way to meet someone to spend your 2016 with! But if school-hosted parties aren’t your thing, then no worries.

There are many events in Central London, if you are the romantic type, that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have a chill type of vibe. The Royal Observatory had a night under the stars where romantics alike could stargaze through the 18-ton Victorian telescope whilst drinking some bubbly. If you’re in the mood for something equally as romantic, but not quite up for stargazing, there was a showing of the film ‘Brief Encounter’at Cadogan Hall followed by a performance from the Amadeus Orchestra of Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto. It is unclear if this exact event will be happening again next year, but you can count on those venues hosting something.

But if you’d like to keep things simple and fun while also experience culture, the Chinese New Year event in Trafalgar Square. From fireworks to acrobats and free admission, Chinese New Year will be quite the fun and upbeat thing to do with your Valentine’s Day single or not. With the many things to pick and choose from to do on Valentine’s Day, there really isn’t a chance to not have great day whether with your significant other or your with your pals.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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