Kingsman: The Secret Service

Who is Taron Egerton? That is the question people will now be asking after seeing Kingsman: The Secret Service. The up-and-coming star has really shown his acting skills in the new hit movie, which was released on 29 January 2015, receiving four out of five stars across the board.

The movie, also staring Colin Firth (The Kings Speech, Love Actually) and Samuel L. Jackson, takes you on a typical spy-like journey, yet incorporates the love and charm of British cinema. Filmed in London, Kingsman was directed by Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick Ass and X-Men: First Class, and based on the comic book The Secret Service created by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar.

Colin Firth’s character, Harry Hart, is recruiting members to join a secret spy agency called ‘The Kingsman’. He soon finds potential in a young man named Eggsy, played by Egerton, and enlists him into joining the spy agency. The movie focuses on Eggsy, his troubles and the fight against Jackson’s character, Valentine, who becomes a global threat.

Eggsy, with his cocky accent, is the underdog that everyone is rooting for and provides a relatable aspect to the movie as a young man who has a bright future and is finally pushed to his full potential. With Harry Hart by his side, Eggsy finally has someone to look up to, making them the perfect duo as they bring back the feel of a James Bond 007 adventure.

Not only does the movie have the perfect blend of action and comedy, it is also a delight for all ages. The cinematography puts you into a future like existence, but still keeps you in the modern age. It provides a good blend of sci-fi and makes us wonder why we don’t have any of those gadgets today! Samuel L. Jackson’s role as a crazy yet genius creator attempting to better the future of society reflects a modern day Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Jackson provides strong comedic moments as heard through his funny, and not over-played, speech impediment.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a must see movie. It is classically British with brilliant action scenes and great shots of London. One scene was even filmed at Imperial College! If anything, it’s worth seeing if only to enjoy the undeniably good-looking characters as they fight to the death using handguns, grenades, and even a shoe knife. Who wouldn’t want to see Egerton’s perfect physique? I bet no one will be asking who Taron Egerton is ever again!