Fantastic food at Foubert’s

When the thought of pizza came into our heads one Saturday afternoon, my friends and I frantically started searching for a restaurant that did not cost us an arm and a leg in High Street Kensington. While looking at what there was on offer, we noticed a sign advertising pizza jutting out from a building and we ran to the door to look at the menu posted on the outside. Foubert’s Italian Restaurant advertised a 12” pizza for six pounds and we were sold.

Foubert’s is owned by Luciano who came to London from Sicily in 1965. Instead of following in the footsteps of the generations before him by becoming a farmer, Luciano decided to open a restaurant. Before his restaurant became a reality, he had been working in the hotel business. From the day he set foot in London, he was determined to open Foubert’s, and that is exactly what he did.

“If you have no passion, you can’t do it,” says Luciano. Eating the food at Foubert’s, you can taste the love that Luciano has for his food and has had since opening his restaurant, and that is what is most important. To be able to step into a place that feels like home is what makes Foubert’s one of a kind.

The man himself: Luciano

Despite being located in one of the most expensive boroughs in London, Luciano works every day with a smile. He loves to meet the different people who come into his restaurant and he absolutely loves being his own boss.

It is the ability he has to put a giant smile on a child’s face that makes him enjoy his job the most. He enjoys giving out his homemade gelato to the children that come into his restaurant. Meggie Vierling, an international student at Richmond University says, “Things like this keep people coming back and gives Foubert’s that homely, family atmosphere.”

Foubert’s specializes in homemade gelato and it is the staple of the restaurant. The gelato comes in the classic flavours of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, but flavours such as caramel are also an option. Luciano is also a pasta man, so they have a wide variety of pastas, but pizza, specifically the six pound pizza, is also an option.

Foubert’s is located on High St Kensington

“The food is cheap, but it is worth much more than what they are charging,” says Grace Hueber, another international student at Richmond University. From pizza, to numerous pasta dishes, and even the English classics like fish & chips, Foubert’s has something for everyone.

On a college student budget, eating out at a sit down restaurant can be a difficult task, but finding a cheap and quality place is a blessing. Foubert’s Italian Restaurant is a cheap, delicious, and a family owned restaurant that has become a weekly dinner spot for me and my group of friends. With our school being located in one of the most expensive boroughs in London, Foubert’s prices are one of the best things about them but we keep coming back for the people, and of course, the margarita pizza.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 14.24.02
Map showing Foubert’s in relation to Richmond University

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