Student Government Elections Suspended After Rules Broken

Richmond’s student government elections were yesterday suspended, after it was found that the Student Government Constitution was violated.

News came after sources found that the agreed rules and conditions of the election were broken by Student Government Executive Board Officers.

Sensitive and controlled data was shared, with candidates given access to the polls prior to the final results being published. One candidate was found to be up by more than 8% than their opponent.

This directly violates article 12.4 – 3 of the Richmond Student Government Constitution which stipulates that ‘Elections must be conducted in a clear and transparent fashion, with only the final percentage and number of total votes submitted in election to be published once available.’

Article 2.5 of the Constitution was then also found to be violated, ‘To preserve the integrity and transparency of the university.’

Candidates will now restart their election campaigns once again, with new nominations now likely to be added to the mix.

We often think of democracy in the hands of macro politics, where turning on the television anywhere in the world shows elections being investigated for being run undemocratically.

We’re being given the very tools of knowledge to make our world a better place here at Richmond- hoping to grow our minds so we can change the world, to whatever degree.

So, if you can’t lend the time to invest your vote in the institution that raised the head on your very shoulders, then how do you expect the rest of your world to change? It starts with you; vote for your Student Representatives today and maybe, see a better world tomorrow. Starting with Richmond.

Featured photo credit: Arnaud Jaegers via