Next Steps: an Interview with Rose Evelyn

Rose Evelyn started her life in performing at the age of 5 when she started dancing. She then moved to LA where she switched to an online education to facilitate her professional dancing career.

Yet by the age of 17, she found that after so many years she started to question if there was more outside of dancing.

This then made her feel like she was stuck and didn’t know what to do. It was through a friend of hers that told her to try acting, which is how she found Japheth Gordon, acting coach at John D’Aquino’s acting school, “he blows my mind with how amazing improv acting is, that’s how I fell in love with it” Rose exasperates.

Through spending her formative years studying acting she wanted to carry on when she went to University. She dreamed of going to NYU, to study acting and lucky for her she got into this prestigious school.

However, she took her mother’s advice and stayed in California for school and accepted an offer to USC (University of Southern California). Even though this was not what she wanted she was lucky enough to get offered a study abroad programme. Through this Rose was able to go to Paris where she started her film degree.

She then moved again from Paris to London after only 2 years into her education based on the type of acting work that she was getting. “French film and media outlets only offer so much for non-French speaking actors, this is because the industry is still very traditional”.

The completion of her degree in Film Studies from Richmond University will help to facilitate her dream of being an actor and director. “The studying of film, from the history side to the production side has informed my acting”.

Her studies have made her realise “if an actor knows what the other people on set are doing it makes not only the production run smoothly but the whole process”.

This also works for her as she plans to become and an actor-director further into her career. For her having the experience on both sides of the camera makes it easier for everyone to understand their roles and responsibilities on set.

This is highlighted by Eva van den Oever, who directed Rose in ‘Dinner in Distress’. She comments on Rose’s work ethic on set being friendly, “for she knows the jobs that go on both sides of the camera”.

She has been in a lot of short films that range from comedy, to very dramatic, to dealing with a soul-crushing break up to being in a haunted house. Dating app commercial and music videos, which incorporate her background in dance, round up the rest of her showreel.

With this, she has built up a network through appearance in a variety of commissioned work as well as student films that range from silent analogue film to scripted digital film.

Angela Marrazzo, currently studying Screenwriting at London Film school comments, “Rose is one of the most amazing actresses to work with”. Angela expresses that “Rose is someone that will work until not only is she happy with the scene but also the director”.

She carries on to say that “she also has amazing time management skills in understanding how long a scene or sequence should take.”

Richard Bevan, one of Rose’s film lectures while at Richmond and a filmmaker, proclaims that Rose does not limit herself in her work. “The work that not only she acts in but as makes is work that pusses her to her limits which then, for her, means she can create great pieces.”

Jim Jenkins, Video technician at Richmond, who has regularly seen Rose’s work goes on to say that she is “incredibly focused on everything that is needed from her.” This being from a role in production to that being in front of the screen.

Jim goes on to say that “Rose doesn’t stick to one thing; she makes very diverse content that is easily digested by an audience.”

As an actress, Richard goes on to state that Rose has a very “genuine” feel to her acting, he carries on saying that “in her work, you can see that performing is her true passion.”

Angela also comments that Rose’s acting by saying “she is an ambitious actress who is always willing to push herself, that being playing the psycho ex-girlfriend or that awkward girl at hospital taking an HIV test”. With Eva adding that Rose “is someone who is really easy to work with”.

While working towards her own Film Studies degree, Rose has worked on several other Richmond student productions. She has played lead roles in Kaan Cacanasik, Eva van den Oever, Elizabeth Ody, and Tanya Kostadinova’s films. She also worked on crew and script supervision of Angela Marazzo’s films. Outside of film, she also modelled in photoshoots for Andre Larnyoh and Nujin Baybasin. Lastly, she has written, produced, directed, and acted in her own short films and music videos. (Something about) This shows the true collaborative nature of Arts Majors within the Richmond community.