The Pinkprint gives fans an insight into Minaj’s struggles and triumphs

Nicki Minaj has given her fans a tell-all narrative that aggressively displays the inner workings of the Rap Queen’s mind in her new album The Pinkprint. Minaj’s previous albums were based around her having multiple personalities and taking on different personas, such as her famous counterpart “Roman”. The Pinkprint is Nicki’s raw and unedited diary in which she shares her life with her fans, a more realistic representation of herself.

There is a theme of heaviness in some of the songs on her album like ‘All Things Go,’ which gives us a glimpse into a dysfunctional past relationship with her ex, and some traumatizing experiences she faced, such as an abortion and the death of her cousin. The powerful ballad ‘Grand Piano,’ has Minaj question her own naïvety in a relationship, featuring no rapping at all. It’s a lovely surprise to hear her sing throughout an entire song, especially one which closes the album. Other songs like ‘Pills N’ Potions’ and ‘Bed of Lies’ go back to Minaj’s self-exploration of her unresolved inner demons.

This is the most appealing thing about Minaj’s new album – the rawness of it. She adamantly references her status as a female rapper and her struggles of having to constantly prove herself as a prominent influence in rap culture with songs like ‘Want Some More’ and ‘Feelin’ Myself,’ which is a feminist statement and collaboration with Beyoncé, and one of my personal favorites. The record also features a few other collaborations with powerhouses like Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and others.

Minaj still has her fun anthems, all about feminism and body positivity, like ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Trini Dem Girls,’ and of course ‘Get On Your Knees,’ featuring Ariana Grande – a celebration of sexual freedom that is literally about oral sex. In another favorite track, ‘Four Door Aventador,’ she blatantly states that she’s the best at what she does, and it’s believable. She takes more of a sour tone that almost forces you to listen.

Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint is framed around her real life, Onika Maraj’s real life, and it only confirms her status as a rap genius and self proclaimed queen. Bow down.

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