Power, Speed, and Money: The Supercar Culture of London

As with many students here at Richmond, there may be days when you are exploring London and taking in what this city has to offer when suddenly, a flashy set of four wheels passes by.

Or maybe you’ll find a random Bugatti parked on the street outside the thousands of hotels in London. It is only until you see a swarm of people – commonly seen holding cameras – run over to take as many photos of that car when you ask yourself: what is this fuss about?

This is the supercar scene in London city. Aside from historical architecture and a drinking culture that many American students indulge in, London is also a dream for car enthusiasts from around the world for two reasons: the vast number of supercars and modified vehicles that can be found cruising the streets, and the bohemian owners who love all the attention.

By going on Instagram and typing the words “supercars of London”, you can witness the diversity of the supercar scene. For example, classic Italian roadsters of the 80s or modern-day German powerhouses; anything a car enthusiast can recognise from the internet or motoring TV shows gets instant attention in London.

The spotting community is always looking for the latest or the most trending supercar model. When the latest model has landed in London’s streets, it does not take long before spotters start congregating at its next expected stop, which is most often at the dealership it is due to park on display for a prospective buyer.

Some of the key dealers to check out in London are Joe Macari Performance Cars, McLaren London in Knightsbridge, Mayfair’s selection from Aston Martin to Porsche. If you do not want to venture too far from Kensington, there is also HR Owen Lamborghini, just opposite South Kensington station.

The scene is given greater recognition through the likes of internet personalities, many of whom have created their following by covering the car scene of London. To name a few, Shmee150 (Tim), SeenThroughGlass, Paul Wallace of SupercarsofLondon, and Lord Aleem are some of the dozens of personalities that have put London’s supercar crowd on the map. Who knows, you might have the chance to run into one of these supercar-celebrities as they are driving and vlogging!

The next time you are out exploring in London, aside from the historical sites and pubs, keep an eye out for the supercars that render this city home!