Can This Be the Return of It?

Clowns. Whether or not you’ve ever had a phobia of them, there is no way to escape this creepy phenomena that is sweeping the United States. The first sighting of a person dressed up like a clown started in late August when residents of Greenville, South Carolina saw a clown lurking around an apartment complex trying to lure children into the woods with promises of candy. Of course this created quite the buzz, but mostly everyone assumed that it was a one-time occurrence; that was until, not even a week later, a similar situation occurred in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where even more children were approached by persons dressed as clowns and trying to lure them into a secluded wooded area with candy. Since this, many more clowns have suddenly appeared, which was thought to be a joke until things became far more serious with adults also being targeted and threats being made. The incidents then escalated when a woman in Ohio was chased by a clown into her apartment building and only left once a neighbor’s alarm went off. Within that same week, Ohio’s Reading Community School District went on lockout after another woman’s throat was violently grabbed by a clown who then proceeded to make threats to the local school district.

The Clown Antics have traveled as far north as Canada and as west as Idaho and Arizona where two separate stores were robbed by unsubs (unknown subjects) dressed as clowns. Police in many states think there isn’t much to worry about, that this is all a big joke which very well could be true, but then what about those that do take it seriously? It apparently wasn’t just jokes to the clown that stabbed 16 year old Christian Torres from Reading, Pennsylvania to death. Nor to the clowns that are threatening to attack all across Long Island, New York on Halloween, telling residents to be careful because they’ll be chasing them with baseball bats, chainsaws and machetes. They even caused four school districts in Long Island alone to go on lockout. These small, bizarre happenings seemed like a bunch of child’s play, but now with people actually being attacked in multiple states, a death and even more threats coming through, you have to wonder; is it all just for a laugh? I think it’s safe to say that it only takes one person to start the fire, but others will keep throwing gasoline to keep it going which is exactly what this seems to be. Could this be Stephen King’s It come to life? My God, I hope not.

It seemed like the clowns are the biggest threat right now, but every story has its twists and an even newer finding might be just the proof needed to show that these are very serious incidents. Just this month, October 4th, a man hiking in Long Island came across a very disturbing finding. According to a video posted by The New York Post, there were multiple real Missing Persons signs plastered on different trees as well as an abandoned blanket with an empty can of food and even what looked to be a man made trap. The hiker was able to get everything on video before hearing voices approaching and quickly leaving the premises. He has given the video to the police who are currently investigating the finding. Could this be another element to the “joke” that these clowns are pulling or is this another creepy, issue in and of its own? The two happening at the same time is very coincidental and shouldn’t be overlooked (in my opinion). But as for now, there aren’t any answers nor any solutions because how do you stop a mass of evil clowns? Whether it’s a media ploy, as some conspiracies have suggested, or really, just a bunch of stupid people with nothing better to do, everyone needs to stay alert, especially with Halloween so close and more importantly stay safe. Let’s hope this never comes across the pond.

Police Searching for Assailant in Clown Mask After Pennsylvania Teen Stabbed to Death

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