Editor’s Letter: Thank You, Richmond Free Press

Winter break has finally ended, and a new semester starts again. Whether you’re a new, returning, or study abroad student at Richmond, you’re probably getting used to waking up before noon, arriving to class (somewhat) on time, and adjusting to your new routine for the semester.

Normally I would be a part of this new semester ritual, as I have been for the past three years. But this year, I don’t have a return ticket to London, I won’t be taking the tube to campus, and I won’t be fighting jetlag in my lectures. Because finally, my time at Richmond University has ended, and the feeling is bittersweet.

I started at Richmond in January 2016, as a transfer student from Honolulu. I was so incredibly ecstatic to begin my journey as an International Journalism major, so I could extend my personal passion for writing into my academic and professional world.

Richmond Free Press became one of the first platforms that gave me the opportunity to publish my writing, and became a publication I worked at for the majority of my time at this university. I had no idea what to expect when I first joined, but I am grateful that I progressed as far as I did these past three years.

January 2016: My first time back in Central London as a Richmond student.

My very first position here was as the Press’s Travel Editor. I feel extremely lucky that I was able to express my passion and background in travel, and to collaborate with others who shared that enthusiasm.

As the Travel Editor, I was inspired to create the “Where We’re From” category, in an effort to express our unity in diversity. I have learned so much about the cultures from our contributors and through this category, I hope that our readership also appreciates these customs.

When I received the first “Where We’re From” submissions from contributors, I noticed I was eager about editing each piece. Call me a nerd or a perfectionist but to me, editing articles was never a task to cross off my to-do list; it was something that I enjoyed doing, and could see myself pursuing as a career.

Last January, I became Editor-in-Chief alongside Raghad Tmumen. Even though it was only for a year, I was happy that I was offered the chance to expand my editing abilities, and to gain new skills such as leadership, teamwork, and marketing.

There are a few people that I’d like to specially thank for helping me get where I am today; not just at the Free Press, but at Richmond University, and in my undergraduate life.

First I’d like to thank Raghad Tmumen, my fellow co-editor. Thank you for being inspiring, innovative, committed, and diligent. Being editor-in-chief was intimidating at first, but leading with you made my time at the Press much more enjoyable.

October 2018 (Stockholm, Sweden): Very thankful for the opportunity to travel so easily around Europe during term breaks.

Camille Schroeder, the editor-in-chief before myself and Raghad. Schroeder welcomed me to the Press with open arms. He also trusted me to bring my ideas to the publication, then trusted me to fulfil his role. Thank you for letting me grow at Richmond Free Press, and for having confidence in me.

Thank you to our editorial team, including Kaan Cakanisik, Caitlin Keane, Hannah Tomsett, and Oliver Raassina. Thank you for giving your time to meetings and assignments, for always delivering brilliant ideas, and for your hard work.

To our team of contributors, thank you for contributing your fresh and engaging content for our audience.

Jamie Macleod, thank you for supporting the Press’s many endeavours.

Louise Byrne, thank you for guiding me and pushing me to be the best journalist I could be.

Sara Chetin, thank you for advising me and helping me shape my academic journey at Richmond.

Last but never least, thank you to my friends, family, and loving boyfriend for supporting me through my adventures and hardships at university for the past four years.

April 2016: Letter to self & self-portrait, edited for Foundations in Photography course.

Obtaining my degree in London was one of the greatest opportunities I could have ever dreamed of, and I’m so incredibly thankful that I was able to study in a city that I know will always be home. Richmond Free Press was a large part of my time here, and I thank the Press for helping me realise and fulfil my passion for editing and writing.

Richmond Free Press is a diverse and inclusive platform that isn’t just for journalism majors, but for anyone who is passionate and wants an outlet to express themselves.

Whether your passion is in politics, films, music, or social media, Richmond Free Press offers many avenues for degree and study abroad students, and I truly believe that being a part of our team is rewarding.

Richmond University gave me many lessons and opportunities, and I am so excited to practice everything I’ve learned in my future endeavours.

I am officially signing off from Richmond Free Press, but I am extremely grateful for my time here. So without further ado to Richmond Free Press and to Richmond University… thank you, next.