“Where I’m From”: A Riddle

Image: Courtesy of @AmrTIP 

I come from a land of tall palm trees, where the Sahara dessert hoovers beneath,

while the Mediterranean sea governs above and all in-between, 

Squeezed between two lands of ancient prime, 

one of the pyramids and the other of cosmo sights.

Two times Larger than Texas in size, 

Yet population of 6 million through time.

It’s a Heinz beans-like country, where everyone knows of one another!

Winters are vale, cold and strong, 

Yet Spring is sweet with a hint of jasmine-filled air.

Summers are hot and sticky with a ring of fire usually settling in the sky, no cloud one dares to see, only sunshine and blue skies.

The sea is a refugee at any time of a month, Streets are filled with tales as walking down the dusty roads, 

Streets are filled with tales as walking down the dusty roads, 

Each speaks of time from colonisations to independence and pride. 


Olive trees, orange trees, lemon trees and apple trees, tomato vines, grape vines, 

corn crops, wheat farms, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, 

this is an incomplete list of what you may find, 

fish of all types, from seabass to Tuna, 

you can find it all wherever you go. 

Now, I will no longer say a word, can you try and figure out what country I am from?

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