Four Must-See Places in Amsterdam

A small capital city tucked away along the coast, Amsterdam is full of history and Dutch charm that makes it the perfect destination for a relaxed holiday. With a multitude of internationally renowned attractions such as the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum to visit, there are countless ways to fill up your travel itinerary. This list offers a few stops for the traveler looking to venture a little off the beaten path during their trip to the Netherlands, and find some hidden gems along the way.


1. The Bloemenmarkt

This is the world’s only floating flower market, made up of a row of floating barges and stretching across the city’s southern canal belt, located on Singel.  The colorful market offers a wide variety of beautiful blooms, decorative clogs, and other souvenirs to bring back home, and all for a very affordable price.


2. Erasmuspark

Located in the uptown area near Museumplein, this park is an ideal spot to grab lunch from a nearby café, take a stroll, and lounge in the sun with a great view.  For those who are looking to bike through the city like a true local, the park also offers ample opportunity to enjoy views of the canals and surrounding scenery on a bike ride.


3. The Basilica of Saint Nicholas

Easily spotted in Amsterdam’s Old District because of its sky-scraping dome and bell tower, the Basilica of Saint Nicholas is the area’s major Catholic church, built in 1884 with magnificent detailing and baroque architecture. Regardless of your own personal faith, a short visit inside the basilica is sure to be an awe-inspiring glimpse into the beauty of Holland’s artistic history, with no extra expense to worry about.


4. Noordwijk

For those not easily intimidated at the thought of venturing outside the heart of the city, a stop in the small seaside town of Noordwijk located approximately 45 minutes south of Amsterdam by car,  and an hour by public transport, is definitely worth the venture. With little to no tourists, and plenty of sunshine and surfing-friendly waves, Noordwijk offers a pleasant experience for those who are looking to get a unique and laid-back experience of what the Netherlands has to offer.

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