The Richmond Free Press is seeking talented and imaginative videographers with visually creative abilities and strong storytelling skills. This position is appropriate for anybody looking to improve their video production skills, and has a passion for working behind the camera. The videographer will report to the editor-in-chief and be responsible for producing original stories under all categories.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Producing video content about trending topics and current events
  • Posting brief videos (30 sec – 2 min, appropriate to the timeframe of social media) to the YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages
  • Collaborating with other Richmond clubs
  • Completing assignments commissioned by the Editors-in-Chief


  • Competent with Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut
  • Knowledge of operating a DSLR camera
  • Professional social skills for working with clients
  • A creative eye with an understanding of visual film aesthetic

To apply, please send an email addressed to Julian Baet or Raghad Tmumen at with the subject line “Videographer Application”, and a short cover letter including:

  1. An introduction of yourself (major, year in university, hometown/country etc.)
  2. Why you want this position
  3. If you are open to working for all areas of Richmond Free Press, or if you desire to work for a specific category (News & City, Arts & Culture, Lifestyle, Travel, etc.)
  4. Your experience with video production
  5. A link to your portfolio or past video work you’ve done, if you have any